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24 July 1891 Lorem ipsum condimentum nulla vitae 1910-1912 Private art lessons with David Kohn, Vienna Gymnastics training, participating in a competition in Berlin 1913 Recruited to the Austrian Army 1914-1918 World War I, serves...


Ludwig Blum Estate We welcome questions and comments regarding Ludwig Blum's website and his art. We are currently preparing a comprehensive archive of Blum's work and would appreciate any information regarding artworks in private and public collections...


Solo Exbhitions 1925 Artists' House, Brno, Czechoslovakia 1927 Tourism Club of Eretz Yisrael, Tel Aviv Jewish Town Hall, Prague 1928 Palestine in Pictures, Teplitz Museum, Czechoslovakia 1929 Firma J.S. Fetter & Co, Amsterdam; Neue Kunsthandlung,...


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Ludwig Blum: His Life as an Artist Dalia Manor In August 2014, a solemn ceremony was held in Jerusalem dedicating a street named in honor of Ludwig Blum. Fourteen years earlier, in October 2000, a similar ceremony was held in Brno, the Czech...


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תערוכות יחיד 1925 בית האמנים, ברנו, צ'כוסלובקיה 1927 קלוב התיירות הארצישראלי, תל אביב 1928 ארץ ישראל בתמונות, מוזיאון טפליץ, צ'כוסלובקיה 1929 חברת י.ס. פיטר, אמסטרדם; יריד האמנות החדש, ברלין 1930 פורום האמנות הסלובקי, ברטיסל...